November 21, 2023 10:14 am

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Nikka Sulton

Airbnb is set to launch a Sustainability Hub, a new initiative aimed at supporting its landlord hosts in the UK to retrofit and enhance the energy efficiency of their properties. In collaboration with NatWest and Energy Saving Trust, Airbnb has committed an additional £500,000 to its existing £1 million fund, providing financial assistance to hosts interested in making sustainable improvements to their homes.

As part of this initiative, hosts can apply for a grant of £1,000, which can be utilized to cover a portion of their renovation expenses. To kickstart the process, hosts are encouraged to conduct an energy-efficient assessment of their listings. This evaluation not only helps hosts identify areas for improvement but also ensures that the grant application aligns with the specific needs of each property. The entire application process can be conveniently completed through the online Sustainability Hub.

By actively promoting energy efficiency, Airbnb aims to foster a more sustainable approach within its community of hosts. This initiative not only contributes to environmental conservation but also empowers hosts to enhance the overall quality and sustainability of their properties. It reflects a collaborative effort between Airbnb, NatWest, and Energy Saving Trust to encourage and support eco-friendly practices in the realm of property hosting.

In addition to financial assistance from NatWest, the initiative encompasses a comprehensive marketplace that connects hosts with government-accredited installers and contractors within their local vicinity. This marketplace not only streamlines the process of finding reliable professionals but also ensures that the renovations align with the highest industry standards.

To facilitate a seamless experience for hosts, the program incorporates a user-friendly dashboard. This personalized tool allows hosts to track and manage the progress of their energy-efficient home improvements from the initial planning stages through to the final completion. The dashboard serves as a central hub, offering transparency and control over the entire renovation journey.

Amanda Cupples, Airbnb’s General Manager for Northern Europe, expressed eagerness about the collaboration with NatWest and the broader impact of the campaign. Recognizing the escalating living costs, the initiative aims not only to empower hosts to make energy-efficient changes but also to contribute to the larger goal of establishing sustainable communities throughout the United Kingdom. The success of Airbnb’s Sustainable Hosting Plan, which has already empowered numerous hosts to implement cost-saving and environmentally friendly adjustments, underscores the positive ripple effect within the Airbnb community.

Following the success of a £1 million sustainability plan in the previous year, Airbnb is launching a new campaign aimed at supporting landlord hosts in the UK with retrofitting and enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with NatWest and Energy Saving Trust, allocates an additional £500,000 to the existing fund, facilitating hosts’ access to grants for renovations. The plan involves a personalized home energy efficiency assessment and an action plan, offering practical insights into potential steps hosts can take to improve their property’s sustainability.

NatWest’s research indicates that for UK homeowners, the primary obstacle to energy efficiency improvements is the associated costs. Recognizing this barrier, the initiative not only provides financial support but also integrates innovative financing options into the Airbnb journey. This strategic partnership aims to empower hosts to proactively enhance the sustainability of their properties, making them more comfortable and cost-effective. The collaboration leverages the collective expertise of both Airbnb and NatWest, with Tanvi Gokhale, Head of Strategy for Retail Banking at the NatWest Group, expressing optimism about the potential impact on the communities they serve.



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