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Airbnb hosting in the UK boasts impressive profit potential. Recent updates from Airbnb News underscore that an average UK host can rake in a substantial sum exceeding £6,000. With the relentless surge in inflation, over a third of Airbnb hosts rely on their hosting ventures to navigate the mounting cost of living challenges.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter: How substantial can Airbnb profits be in the UK? Data curated by Airbtics offers illuminating insights. UK hosts can anticipate an average daily rate of £173 and achieve an impressive average occupancy rate of 55%.

Keen to uncover the prime cities across the UK that promise the highest profit margins? Continue your journey to glean invaluable insights into this fascinating realm!


Is Airbnb profitable in the UK?

Absolutely – Airbnb undeniably presents a lucrative opportunity for hosts throughout the UK. However, the profitability hinges on a medley of variables, encompassing location, property type, seasonal patterns, and occupancy rates, among other facets. Without further ado, let’s uncover the leading three Airbnb cities in the UK:


1. London 

Recognized as the hub of the United Kingdom, London stands out as a particularly lucrative Airbnb hotspot. While famed as a financial epicentre, the city’s cultural and economic accomplishments also shine brightly. If you’re considering embarking on an Airbnb venture in London, here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Average property value in London: £542,311
  • Seasonal Variation: Peaks at 45% – Achieving the highest revenue (£2,423) in July
  • Typical daily rate in London: £99


2. Manchester 

Recognized as the capital of the North, Manchester stands out as a prime location for commencing business endeavors in Britain. As the largest metropolitan hub in Northern England, the city opens doors to a plethora of investment possibilities. Let’s delve into the Airbnb insights from Manchester:

  • Typical property value in Manchester: £220,000
  • Seasonal Variation: Peaks at 34% – Achieving the highest revenue (£1,690) in July
  • Standard daily rate in Manchester: £92


3. Leeds

Leeds, the predominant city in Yorkshire and a prominent administrative hub, garners recognition for its substantial annual footfall of over 29 million visitors. Demonstrating rapid expansion, it remains one of the swiftly developing cities in the UK. Delve into the Airbnb metrics encapsulating Leeds:

  • Median property cost in Leeds: £272,000
  • Seasonal Fluctuation: Peaks at 37% – Attaining its highest revenue (£1,752) in July
  • Standard daily rate in Leeds: £87


Reasons for Airbnb Investment in the UK

Acquiring an investment property in the UK involves meticulous number-crunching and comprehensive evaluation – it’s a fundamental aspect. Explore the compelling reasons why opting for Airbnb investment in the UK stands as a stellar decision:



The quest for augmented returns entails astute property selection and astute market targeting. In contrast to conventional long-term rentals, short-term rentals can yield significantly greater profitability owing to the adaptability of pricing strategies.



Amidst the pandemic’s challenges, the UK propels ahead with one of the globe’s swiftest-growing markets. There’s no pause to its momentum! Airbnb insights have recently spotlighted the UK’s top 10 Airbnb cities, highlighting the trending domestic travel destinations.



Dreaming of owning a holiday home that earns while you sip tea? It’s your green light to make it happen. Adjust your Airbnb calendar for personal occasions, whether inviting friends or unwinding. This is one of the property investment’s delightful perks!



First-time investors often fret over mortgage payments. Once your Airbnb property yields substantial income, mortgage worries can be a thing of the past.

⭐ Insider Tip: As mortgage payments settle, you can even contemplate a second property!



On the whole, a fully booked Airbnb property can outshine traditional long-term lets. How’s that possible? It’s simple: long-term tenants stick to fixed monthly rates, while Airbnb guests can bring in variable, higher nightly charges based on seasonality.



What to Expect: Airbnb hosting in the UK



Before embarking on any business venture, adhering to local laws is of paramount importance. The UK government typically imposes limits on the number of days an Airbnb host can let their property. These specifics notably vary based on your precise locality. Certain cities mandate registration and permits, while others are subject to zoning constraints.

For instance, in accordance with Airbnb regulations in London, hosts can operate for up to 90 days without necessitating a permit. If your plans involve exceeding this 90-day threshold, obtaining a planning permit becomes obligatory.



Prior to finalizing a property purchase in the UK, delving into the contract’s particulars is imperative. If the content appears convoluted, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from real estate agents or legal professionals for enhanced clarity. Yet, the pivotal quest lies in ascertaining the compatibility of your leasehold contract with Airbnb hosting.

In absence of such compatibility, options may be limited. Unearthing a landlord amenable to Airbnb arrangements can be somewhat challenging, considering concerns surrounding potential property damage.



In instances where your property carries a mortgage or any form of loan, it’s prudent to seek confirmation from the lender. This ensures the absence of any subletting or hosting restrictions, an essential step before initiating any activities.



Familiar with the UK’s Rent-a-Room scheme? For hosts generating less than £7,500, this option is at your disposal. Notably, it’s TAX-EXEMPT! The straightforward approach involves renting out a spare room or your entire furnished home, enabling you to monetize your property without encumbrances.



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