January 20, 2023 11:34 am

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James Nicholson

Cheap Houses in 2023? Okay, it’s no secret property prices have dropped in the last two months. Investors have had a tough time the last few years with prices rising so fast it was hard to find good deals.

After two years of relentless rise, investors and homeowners are preparing for a probable housing market crash. Because of rising interest rates and price inflation, home values have fallen in the UK, Canada, and other large countries.

In 2023, will there be a housing market crash? If so, how much could prices rise or fall? Here, we examine the main causes of the most recent drops and analyst predictions for the future.

Since the pandemic started, home values have increased dramatically. The price increase from December 2019 to June 2022 was 45%. Even with recent price decreases taken into account, home prices have grown 38% since March 2020. This rate of expansion was unheard of and unsustainable. It had to slow down eventually.


What Is A Housing Market Crash?


It’s clear the property market is cooling down and might be heading for a crash. Its in these moments that more money is made than at any other time. So as a property investor how can you make money in a property market crash?

A housing bubble is normally followed by a housing market crash. In that market, a home’s average price is far greater than its actual value based on underlying fundamentals. This could happen as a result of excessive lending that the market doesn’t pick up on right away.

Between 2008 and 2009, property prices in the UK dropped by as much as 15%; this was a quicker and more significant decline than in the US. The UK didn’t recover losses and raise prices to 2007 average levels until 2014. This has been attributed to a “sub-prime” lending crisis, in which a number of mortgage lenders approved lenders who were unable to pay back their debts, and these mortgages were secured by securities with excessive value, ultimately ruining the global financial system and eroding the value of homes.


Will There Be a Housing Market Crash in 2023?


With mortgages becoming expensive and a recession looming, could the housing market crash? Even though there are numerous unknowns at play, the majority of analysts expect a correction.

In a November forecast on potential scenarios for a housing market crash, Oxford Economics predicted that advanced economy interest rates will peak in 2023, leading to a double-digit decline in home values between 2022 and 2023.

British housing prices will start to decline in 2023, ending years of rapid growth, but a significant crash is unlikely, according to a Reuters poll, despite the cost of living problem and rising borrowing costs restricting consumers’ capacity to finance purchases. The Bank of England is continuing with a series of interest rate rises just as the economy begins to contract due to the escalating inflation in Britain, as it has in much of the rest of the world. That has made the financial situation of borrowers worse.


What Happens When A Housing Market Crashes? 

A real estate bubble, in which the average home price is significantly greater than its actual value, is usually followed by a housing crash. As a significant chunk of the average person’s asset value is a property, housing crises can have a significant negative impact on consumer confidence. This self-assurance is destroyed in a crash, and some people may be forced into negative equity, which occurs when the value of their home drops below the amount they originally agreed to pay for it.


The bottom line

Through 2024, the housing market is probably going to decline, although this is more of a market correction than a market disaster. Demand will probably prevent home prices from falling into oblivion because there is a shortage of housing in America.


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