January 24, 2024 10:37 am

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Nikka Sulton

Recent findings from the TDS Foundation shed light on the challenges faced by private renters, with a significant 66% encountering issues related to the quality or condition of their properties over the past six months. This insight stems from a comprehensive survey involving more than 2,000 individuals in the private rental sector.

The TDS Foundation, committed to advancing education in the private rented sector, conducted the survey to understand the prevalent concerns among tenants. These findings underscore the need for ongoing efforts to address and improve the living conditions for private renters, indicating a widespread issue that demands attention from both policymakers and property owners.

The survey conducted by the TDS Foundation delved into the experiences of over 2,000 private renters, revealing a nuanced landscape of property conditions. Surprisingly, 40% of respondents reported no issues with the quality of their rented homes in the preceding six months. However, a more significant portion, constituting 60% of participants, faced one or more challenges during the same period, shedding light on the prevalent issues within the private rental sector.

The top five concerns identified in the survey included leaks or plumbing problems, affecting 21% of respondents, difficulties in maintaining adequate warmth in their homes (20%), delays in carrying out necessary repairs (18%), substantial issues with damp or mold (16%), and the need for repairs in external elements like doors, walls, roofs, or windows (16%). These findings underscore the diverse challenges faced by tenants, pointing towards the need for increased attention to the quality and conditions of rented properties.

Among the tenants facing property-related challenges, a substantial 85% took the initiative to report these issues to their landlords or letting agents. Impressively, the response from property owners was positive, with over three quarters (78%) acknowledging that the reported problems were either fully or partially addressed. For those tenants who opted not to bring the issues to their landlord’s attention, reasons included a perceived ineffectiveness of reporting (30%), the associated hassle (27%), concerns about not being perceived as a “good tenant” (23%), and apprehensions about potential rent increases (22%).

Dr. Jennifer Harris, Head of Policy and Research at TDS Group, highlights the dual dynamic of tenant-reported issues and landlord responsiveness. While a significant proportion of tenants face property-related challenges, the data indicates that landlords, in the majority of cases, take corrective actions when issues are brought to their attention.

However, the data also reveals a concerning aspect, as more than one in ten tenants who faced issues with their homes refrained from reporting them, expressing a lack of confidence in the reporting process. This highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to tenant empowerment and education, fostering an environment where individuals feel assured and capable of reporting concerns without fear of repercussions.

As the government gears up for reforms in the rental market, including the establishment of a decent homes standard for private rented housing, addressing the issue of underreported problems becomes paramount. The TDS Foundation’s ongoing efforts play a crucial role in promoting tenant awareness and understanding of their rights. By encouraging tenants to voice their concerns and ensuring they fully comprehend the reporting process, the foundation contributes to a more transparent and accountable rental market.

The TDS Foundation is committed to bridging the gap between tenants and landlords, fostering an atmosphere where the majority of landlords promptly address reported issues. This dedication aligns with the broader goal of creating a rental market where housing quality meets established standards, and tenants can confidently exercise their rights.


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