March 25, 2024 8:39 am

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Nikka Sulton

Cumberland council, with the backing of the National Residential Landlords Association, is offering complimentary training sessions for landlords in the northern area. Set to occur on April 5th at the Civic Centre in Carlisle, this event aims to equip landlords with valuable insights and knowledge.

Running from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, the training sessions provide landlords with an opportunity to enhance their skills and understanding of property management. With support from industry experts, attendees can gain valuable insights into various aspects of landlordship, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate challenges and optimize their property investments.


The event will cover:


  • Pre-tenancy: Covering energy performance certificates, tax, and insurance liabilities.
  • Landlord Responsibilities: Including tenancy agreements, fees ban, gas safety, HMO regulations, and licensing.
  • Property Standards: Addressing housing health and safety ratings, repairs, dampness, and risk assessments.
  • Tenancy Setup: Explaining different agreement types, deposit management, and rent setting.
  • During Tenancy: Discussing periodic visits, tenant obligations, and handling anti-social behavior.
  • Ending Tenancy: Providing guidance on notices, tenant departures, possessions, and eviction procedures.


A council spokesperson emphasizes that this program accommodates landlords at all experience levels, providing extensive insights into rental management. Whether you’re new to the field or seasoned, the program equips you with the knowledge to navigate various challenges effectively.

Property standards have undergone significant changes in recent years, necessitating a deep understanding of safe renting practices. Operating a secure lettings business is crucial not only for tenant welfare but also for avoiding potential issues such as disrepair, accidents, and legal penalties.

By participating in this program, landlords gain valuable knowledge across key areas of renting and tenancy management. It prepares them to address the complexities of property standards, ensuring they can provide secure and compliant homes while minimizing risks associated with non-compliance.

“This course goes into depth about what is deemed as a safe and secure property and how you can ensure your properties meet the required standards.

“As a council our aim is to protect both landlords and tenants to ensure that necessary standards are maintained and that both groups are protected, and we believe attendance at this course will help ensure that aim is met.”

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Book your place via the NRLA website.


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