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James Nicholson

How To Find Rent-To-Rent DEALS in The UK? So you have heard Rent To Rent is a great property investment strategy, right? But what steps do you need to take to find a good rent-to-rent deal? This blog will give you all you need to know about Rent To Rent.




What is a Rent-to-Rent? 

If you aren’t familiar with Rent to Rents, please watch this video first!


An investor will purchase and manage one or more rental properties in order to create money. One or more of the units on these properties may be rented out on a monthly basis to tenants. To have a successful rental plan, investors do not need to manage these properties themselves; instead, they can hire property management companies to perform the chores commonly associated with landlords, such as upkeep and rent collection.




1. Make a strategy.

You must first pick what type of Rent to Own business you wish to run. If you currently reside in an HMO, you might want to consider renting out an entire house and renting out each room individually (with a Rent to HMO deal).


You will also need to establish a business. This can be done for a few pounds online. This helps to restrict your personal accountability for the business’s debts.



2. Be sold on the Rent to Rent Strategy. 

Before you go out and sell the concept of Rent to Rent to a landlord, you must first understand why a landlord would consent to it in the first place. Rent to Rent is a fantastic offer for landlords. The landlord receives a fixed monthly rent with no void periods; he does not have to deal with tenants, and you will manage any issues that arise for him.


Rent to Rent implies that the landlord can earn truly passive money from the property while you do the labor. Before communicating with landlords, be sure you understand this.



3. Discuss with landlords and letting agents about the opportunity.

You will need to contact numerous landlords and letting agents. Don’t be turned off by hearing ‘no’ from a lot of individuals. Simply decide how many calls you will make each day and make those calls regardless of the outcome.


Simply inform them you are looking for a corporate let and that you will not be living in the property. If they are willing to meet with you, you can describe your business idea in person.


4. Presenting your final offer.

Making an offer is the last step. This needs to be calculated depending on all of your expenses, such as utility bills, cleaning services, etc. A monthly profit of at least £500 will give you a safety net in case something goes wrong. In terms of the costs associated with getting the transaction, you should also break even within six months. This will cover the deposit as well as the price of any minor repairs you make to the property.


Move on if you can’t acquire what you need. A lousy agreement is preferable to none at all.





Rent to rent is a very effective business strategy.

  • Starting a business requires little capital.
  • You can start making money after a few months (most businesses are not profitable in the first year)
  • You consistently generate recurrent financial flow (most startups do not have recurring revenue )
  • You already know the names and addresses of your ideal clients (most businesses have to guess where to find their customers)




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