October 10, 2023 7:12 am

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Nikka Sulton

Parents and pet owners may pay up to £460 more in monthly rent and expenses, according to a survey by Confused. The study, involving 2,000 UK renters, found that 33% have pets, and nearly 30% have children.

Among them, 13% had to provide an additional deposit, and 10% paid extra cleaning fees. Parents appear to face more financial burdens, averaging £286 in additional deposits, compared to pet owners who paid around £236. Additionally, parents paid an average of £174 for cleaning fees, while pet owners paid £151 on average.

The average monthly rent for all renters stands at approximately £586. However, 75% of renters have seen this amount increase by an average of £77 in the last year.

In addition to rent, “essential” bills like electricity and council tax add an average of £352 per month for renters.

A significant 82% of renters have encountered various issues, including damp and mold (44%), problems with their heating system (41%), plumbing issues (40%), general wear and tear (26%), and faulty appliances (23%). 

On the positive side, for those renters whose landlords addressed these problems, 32% saw them resolved within two to five days, while approximately 10% had to wait over a month for the issues to be resolved.

In the survey, most respondents reported having a positive relationship with their landlords, with 37% describing it as very good and 32% as somewhat good. However, 42% believe that landlords and estate agents are exploiting renters in the current economic conditions.

The Renters Reform Bill appears to be well-received among renters, as 54% of survey participants believe it will provide protection for tenants.

A spokesperson from Confused stated that their latest data highlights potential disparities in rental costs for tenants with pets or children, which may appear unfair. However, they mentioned that upcoming regulations, such as the Renters Reform Bill in England, could bring greater clarity to living arrangements and financial obligations for both landlords and tenants.

While these rules are not yet applicable in other parts of the UK, the spokesperson suggested that similar regulations could be introduced in the future. These changes aim to eliminate financial penalties for certain tenants, providing them with additional income during challenging and costly periods.



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