April 11, 2024 10:28 am

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Nikka Sulton

Estate agency data reveals that the average time required for landlords or vendors to sell a house has declined by 0.7% over the past year. This decrease has brought the average selling duration down from 241 days to 240 days. Despite this marginal change on a national scale, specific local markets have witnessed notable shifts in their selling timelines.

While the overall national trend remains relatively stable, significant variations exist at the local level. Some markets have experienced accelerated selling processes, while others have seen noticeable slowdowns. These localized changes underscore the dynamic nature of the property market and the influence of regional factors on selling timelines.

Yopa recently released an internal data analysis, drawing from a pool of over 150,000 transactions, to delve into the timeline of home sales. Their scrutiny focused on the duration from the moment of instruction to the eventual completion of the sale, providing a comprehensive view of market dynamics. The findings, derived from this extensive dataset, offer insights into the evolving landscape of property transactions across Britain.

The data paints a nuanced picture, revealing a marginal reduction in the average time taken to complete a home sale. Over the course of the past year, this timeline has seen a modest decline from 241 days to 240 days. While on the surface, this may seem like a negligible shift, it represents a fractional but noteworthy annual decrease of one day, indicating subtle shifts in market efficiency and buyer-seller dynamics.

Despite the national average showing a minimal change, the data illuminates localized trends where the pace of transactions has either accelerated or decelerated significantly. This granularity underscores the heterogeneous nature of the property market, with distinct regional nuances shaping the speed and trajectory of home sales. By examining these variations, stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, enabling informed decision-making in a complex and evolving landscape.

Despite the overall stability in the national property market, specific regions across Britain have witnessed remarkable transformations in the time it takes to sell a property. One such instance is evident in Hampshire’s Test Valley district, where the average duration from instruction to completion dropped dramatically from an astonishing 1,045 days in 2022 to a mere 216 days in 2023. This unprecedented reduction of -829 days (-79.3%) within just a year signifies a significant shift in local market dynamics and underscores the evolving trends in property sales.

Similarly, in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, the average selling time saw a substantial decrease from 687 days to 249 days, marking a significant reduction of -438 days (-63.8%). This swift decline in selling time reflects a notable improvement in market efficiency and buyer-seller interactions. Likewise, in Chichester, where the average selling period has decreased by -428 days (-69.8%) to reach 185 days, the real estate landscape has experienced a notable acceleration in property transactions.

Furthermore, South Somerset has also made strides in reducing its selling time, cutting it down by -402 days to stand at a current average of 232 days. This improvement not only streamlines the selling process for homeowners but also contributes to a more dynamic property market environment in the region. Similarly, Lancaster has demonstrated remarkable progress by slashing its timeline by -376 days, with completions now taking an average of just 98 days. This exceptional turnaround underscores the resilience and adaptability of local property markets, providing homeowners and prospective buyers with newfound opportunities and efficiencies.

Lancaster has emerged as one of the quickest-selling property markets nationwide, closely trailing behind the Vale of White Horse in Oxfordshire, where homes typically sell within a swift average of just 88 days.

Despite notable reductions in selling times observed in many regions, certain parts of Britain have experienced a significant slowdown in the property sales process. This trend is particularly pronounced in Suffolk’s Forest Heath district, where the average selling period has ballooned to 595 days, marking an increase of +451 days compared to the 2022 average of 144 days.

Similarly, in Warwick, the average selling time has extended by +326 days, reaching a current duration of 552 days. Meanwhile, in Ribble Valley, Lancashire, there has been an annual increase of +312 days in the selling timeline, reflecting a notable shift in local market dynamics.

A Yopa spokesperson says: “It’s been a strange few years for the UK property market and there’s no doubt that cooling market conditions have caused some sellers considerable delays when selling, due to the fact that they simply haven’t been able to secure a buyer at the speeds seen in previous years. 

“Of course, a slower market does have its benefits for those who are able to find a buyer. With the industry coming under less strain due to lower sales volumes, the actual process of moving from accepting an offer to completion has improved considerably in some areas of the nation.”




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