March 27, 2024 2:33 pm

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Nikka Sulton

Angela Chang, a landlord in Lancashire, recently faced prosecution for violating the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. She pleaded guilty to six breaches at her properties, endangering the lives and safety of both residents and employees. This prosecution highlights the serious consequences landlords face for failing to comply with fire safety regulations.

The fire and rescue service successfully pursued the case against Chang, underscoring the importance of adhering to fire safety standards. Such breaches not only jeopardize the well-being of occupants but also pose significant legal ramifications for landlords. It serves as a reminder for all property owners to prioritize fire safety measures to protect their tenants and avoid potential legal action.

In March 2021, a critical inspection by fire safety officers uncovered alarming deficiencies in the properties, prompting the issuance of a Prohibition Notice for the flats located above the premises. Occupied by a diverse mix including several employees, a family of three, and a builder engaged in on-site work, these flats were found to be grossly inadequate in terms of fire safety standards.

Angela Chang, the landlord, admitted to a catalogue of six serious offenses. These included a failure to implement fundamental fire safety precautions essential for tenant well-being, neglecting to conduct a comprehensive and adequate fire risk assessment, and overlooking the installation of appropriate fire detection and alarm systems. Moreover, there were glaring oversights in ensuring that occupants could evacuate the premises swiftly and safely, as well as in maintaining robust fire evacuation procedures. Additionally, the safety of individuals was compromised due to the absence of necessary facilities, equipment, and devices crucial for emergency situations.

The gravity of Chang’s negligence cannot be understated, as it endangered the lives and safety of numerous individuals residing and working within the properties. The identified breaches underscore a profound disregard for the fundamental responsibility of a landlord to uphold essential fire safety measures and ensure the well-being of occupants. Such disregard for safety protocols poses significant risks and underscores the imperative for landlords to adhere strictly to fire safety regulations to prevent potential tragedies and protect the lives of tenants and employees alike.

The identified violations posed significant risks to the safety and well-being of both tenants and visitors to the property. Consequently, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service pursued legal action against Chang for her failure to adhere to fire safety regulations and the issued prohibition notice, resulting in her admission of guilt in December.

At Preston Crown Court this month, Chang faced sentencing for her non-compliance with the stipulations of the Fire Safety Order. The court sentenced her to three months’ imprisonment and imposed a fine of £10,414 to cover costs incurred by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Ian Armistead, Protection Department Group Manager at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, emphasized Chang’s responsibility as the premises’ proprietor. He underscored her legal obligation to ensure the safety of individuals utilizing her properties and expressed hope that the prosecution would enforce adherence to legal standards regarding property safety.

“In our constant drive to make Lancashire safer, our fire safety enforcement teams are always actively seeking out other dangerious premises. We would hope that the outcome of this particular case where a custodial sentence has been issued, sends a clear message that fire safety must always be a priority. In this instance the consequences of the inadequate fire safety measures and inadequate management could have led to serious injury or loss of life and circumstances left us with no other option but to take this action.

“Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service will always work with those willing to address fire safety issues and businesses can be assured that we will continue to support them in complying with the Fire Safety Order. 

“We would urge landlords and responsible persons who need to take action to comply with fire safety regulations to visit the Business Safety section of our website, which contains advice and guidance on how to comply with your legal duties.” 



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