December 19, 2023 1:29 pm

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Nikka Sulton

Gedling council in Nottinghamshire is set to undergo a consultation process for the renewal of its existing selective licensing scheme. This scheme, initially introduced in 2018 and subsequently expanded in November 2022, has played a crucial role in regulating rental properties within the region.

As the original term of the scheme concluded in September 2023, Gedling council is taking proactive steps to engage with the community. They are opening a new consultation period to gather valuable perspectives on the potential re-designation of the area, considering factors such as the scheme’s effectiveness and its impact on the local housing market. This collaborative approach ensures that the council takes into account the diverse views of residents, landlords, and other stakeholders before making any decisions regarding the future of selective licensing in the region.

The council proudly asserts the success of the initial scheme, drawing the active participation of 662 landlords who applied for licenses. During comprehensive inspections conducted by the council, a significant revelation emerged – over 81% of the inspected properties were identified with hazards requiring prompt rectification to uphold the health and safety standards for tenants. Of particular concern were 52 properties found to have imminent hazards, especially in areas crucial for fire safety, where inadequate fire protection or detection demanded immediate corrective action.

Moreover, the positive impact of the scheme extended beyond the physical condition of properties. The collaborative efforts facilitated by the scheme led to an improvement in partnership working between Gedling Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Police. This cooperative approach was instrumental in reducing instances of anti-social behavior, contributing significantly to creating a safer living environment that residents in the designated areas could genuinely appreciate and rely upon for their well-being. The success stories of improved property conditions and enhanced community safety stand as testament to the efficacy of the council’s selective licensing initiative.

Twenty-two properties are currently subject to civil penalty notices for their failure to apply for a license under Gedling Council’s ongoing consultation, set to conclude in March 2024. As the consultation progresses, the scheme’s potential launch in October 2024 hinges on the outcomes and community input. This regulatory initiative signifies the council’s commitment to ensuring compliance within the property sector.

Council leader John Clarke underscores the scheme’s effectiveness, citing tangible benefits for both residents and landlords alike. With a focus on enhancing living conditions, the scheme has prompted landlords to actively engage in necessary improvements as directed by the council. This collaborative effort aims to create a safer and more conducive environment for residents while establishing a framework for responsible property management.

The issuance of civil penalty notices serves as a clear signal of the council’s dedication to enforcing licensing requirements and maintaining standards within the local housing market. This transparent approach aligns with the council’s objective of fostering a culture of accountability among property owners, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the community. The ongoing consultation period offers stakeholders the opportunity to provide valuable insights, ensuring that the regulatory framework remains responsive and effective.

“This scheme has reduced hazards in households and we think it’s important that we renew it for another term and continue to support local residents who are entitled to live in homes that are safe and in a good state of repair. 

“We have extended the scheme across the borough but to ensure we are doing things correctly, we are reopening this consultation and we welcome the feedback of residents and landlords on the Selective Licencing Scheme.”


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