January 5, 2024 11:17 am

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Nikka Sulton

Leeds council has introduced a scheme to benefit renters and landlords residing in properties without gas central heating. The initiative, conducted in partnership with Everwarm Ltd, offers the installation of energy-saving green measures either free of charge or at a significant discount. This endeavor is part of the council’s Home Energy Help team, aiming to maximize the impact of the £15.5 million government funding allocated for Leeds homes through the Home Upgrade Grant before its expiration in March 2025.

Under this collaborative effort, the council and Everwarm Ltd are working diligently to reach as many households as possible and ensure they take advantage of the available funding. The primary goal is to enhance energy efficiency and make homes more environmentally friendly, aligning with broader sustainability objectives. This initiative not only supports residents by providing cost-effective solutions but also contributes to the overall improvement of energy efficiency standards across the community.

The available upgrades encompass various insulation options, heat pumps, solar panels, and electric radiators. Addressing eat loss through the installation of energy-saving measures and low-carbon heating systems can enhance the efficiency of existing buildings, making them more cost-effective to maintain at a comfortable temperature.

Under the new scheme, qualifying homeowners can benefit from free upgrades, while eligible landlords can install the same improvements at a two-thirds discount. This initiative not only promotes energy efficiency but also aims to make essential upgrades more accessible and affordable for both homeowners and landlords, contributing to overall sustainability goals and improved living conditions.

Everwarm, in collaboration with applicants, will engage in a comprehensive assessment to identify and agree upon a tailored combination of upgrades. These enhancements aim to elevate the energy efficiency and subsequently improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the participating properties. The objective is not only to enhance the living conditions of residents but also to contribute to broader sustainability goals.

The application process for this scheme operates on a first-come, first-served basis, emphasizing the importance of early engagement for those seeking to benefit from the available green measures. This prioritization reflects the urgency and commitment to addressing energy efficiency concerns in Leeds. By streamlining the process in this manner, the council and Everwarm aim to maximize the positive impact on homes and residents.

In 2020, statistics revealed that one in six households in Leeds fell under the classification of living in fuel poverty. This designation is defined by residing in homes with relatively low energy efficiency and having incomes below the poverty line, especially after accounting for energy bills. The implementation of the Home Upgrade Grant scheme directly addresses this issue, offering a tangible solution to alleviate fuel poverty and improve the overall well-being of residents.

The initiative to enhance the energy efficiency and quality of homes in Leeds aligns with the strategic goals of the council. Beyond the immediate benefits for residents, such efforts contribute to broader societal issues, including health improvements, poverty alleviation, and a reduction in the city’s carbon footprint. By addressing these interconnected challenges, the scheme underscores a holistic approach towards creating sustainable, comfortable, and environmentally conscious living spaces in the community.

Learn about the key benefits of energy upgrades and find impartial energy-efficiency advice at www.leeds.gov.uk/homeenergy. Councillor Mohammed Rafique, council executive member for climate, energy, environment, and green space, emphasizes the positive impacts of addressing heat waste—financial savings, improved health, and environmental benefits. The council is committed to providing support to ensure widespread access to the advantages of green home upgrades, recognizing the varying needs of homeowners in their journey towards energy efficiency.

“As a council, we’re determined to make it easier for Leeds homeowners and landlords to access the Home Energy Help they need to save money and cut carbon.

“I am therefore delighted to be able to launch this latest scheme which could see off-gas households benefit from up to £15.5 million of improvements. I would strongly encourage residents to check their eligibility online or phone while funding is available.”



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