Game-Changing Property Training

Transform your life with your property courses at the Property Accelerator.  We cater to all levels or investors whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, we offer online and in-person live training to suit your needs.  Our expert guidance will help you master the UK’s property market and take your income to new heights.
Our training is for experienced investors of those just starting out, our property training programmes provide you with all the tools and knowledge required to succeed in the buy-to-let and commercial property market.  All our courses cover everything from sourcing property to funding your deals, so you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.
At the Property Accelerator, we’re passionate about empowering people to achieve their financial goals using property investing.  That’s why our life-changing property courses are designed to help you achieve success and reach your full potential.   Join our community of successful property investors and take the first step towards your financial freedom.


Online Property Investment & Property Training Courses

With our online Property Investment and Training Courses, you can learn from experienced UK Property Investors in the comfort of your own home.  We have a variety of different courses including Deal Packaging, Serviced Accommodation, Lease Options, Rent-to-Rent, Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent and much more.


All our courses are designed to provide you with practical, real-world knowledge that you can apply to your property investing right away.  You will learn the latest strategies and technique for successful property investment, and gain the skills and more importantly confidence to hit your financial goals.


Our online property courses offer the flexibility and convenience of learning from home, while still giving you access to the top industry experts and proven investment strategies.   So regardless of your experience either a total beginner or experienced investors all our courses are tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve success in the property market.  Click the button below to find out all our our online property courses and start your journey today.



Beginner and Exploration Courses


Its important to explore the best in property strategy that fits you, there are lots of different strategies including buy-to-let, serviced accommodation, rent-t0-rent, deal packaging and much more.  Our exploration events are perfect for those new to property investing or unsure of all the available strategies and property courses.  They are a great way to discover our full range of property investment courses and allow you to pick the perfect fit for you.


Discover the perfect property investment strategy for you with our tailored beginners courses.  Our step-by-step proven systems and guides are designed for beginner investors to give you all the fundamental knowledge you need.

Discover the perfect property investment strategy with our tailored beginner courses. Our step-by-step systems and guides are designed for new investors, with easy-to-follow instructions. Try our low-cost, and sometimes free, introductory and discovery courses to find the right fit for you with Property Accelerator.

Join us for our in-person property courses at our headquarters in Dorking. As a UK property training company that owns our own buildings, we’re able to pass cost savings onto you. With 10,000 sq.ft. of bespoke training facilities and expert education, we can’t wait to welcome you to our venue soon!

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Property Masterminds & Mentorships

If you crave accountability, support, and community, our programs are perfect for you. Whether you’re struggling to piece together information from property courses, or have completed courses with other providers lacking Property Accelerator unrivaled support and community, we’re here to help. To truly know something is to put it into action, which is why we offer one-to-one guidance from our master property trainers and mentors, as well as access to a like-minded community of experts and investors. Join us for mentorship, support, and a mastermind group to help you achieve your property investment goals.