October 27, 2023 9:37 am

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Nikka Sulton

Rising Rents and Tenant Debt: A Credit Firm’s Perspective. Creditfix, a financial firm, attributes the increasing debt among tenants to the escalating rental costs. There has been a notable and concerning rise in the number of renters below the age of 45 who are now seeking assistance to cope with their overwhelming debt burdens. This trend highlights the financial challenges faced by a significant portion of the renting population.

In 2021, individuals under the age of 45 accounted for 67 percent of Creditfix’s customers who were renting. However, in the current year, this figure has surged to 73 percent, indicating a substantial increase in younger renters seeking help with their debt-related issues. The data underscores the pressing need to address the affordability of housing, particularly for those in the younger age bracket who are struggling to meet their financial obligations in the face of soaring rental expenses.

The data presented in these findings is based on an extensive dataset encompassing over 185,000 individuals located across the United Kingdom who have sought financial assistance via an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) facilitated by Creditfix. This comprehensive dataset offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of debt among renters in the country. Notably, it reveals that the average debt burden for renters has surged to £17,347, marking a significant increase from the previous year’s figure of £14,549.

While this average debt level for renters remains slightly below the national average for unsecured debt, which currently stands at £18,040, the year-over-year increase of 19 percent is indeed concerning. It underscores the growing financial challenges that renters in the UK are grappling with, highlighting the need for proactive measures to address and alleviate the escalating debt crisis faced by this demographic.

As these figures reflect the experiences of a substantial portion of the population, it’s imperative to consider the wider implications of this trend. The data reveals that a significant proportion of renters, especially those under the age of 45, are burdened by unmanageable levels of debt, calling attention to the broader socioeconomic factors contributing to this issue. The increasing debt among renters could be attributed to various factors, such as rising housing costs, stagnant incomes, and the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic. This complex interplay of factors requires a multifaceted approach to address and find effective solutions to alleviate the financial strain on renters across the UK.

Stephanie Chapman, the Chief Operating Officer at Creditfix, highlights the challenging dynamics within the rental market, particularly in major urban centers. She underscores how this trend is contributing to financial difficulties among younger individuals. The high demand for rental properties, coupled with intense competition, has led to a surge in rental prices, which many find increasingly burdensome.

In this environment, a growing number of individuals are finding it tough to meet their rental expenses and secure suitable accommodation, putting significant pressure on their financial resources. In such circumstances, seeking assistance to address debt-related issues becomes a crucial step to regain financial stability.

Renters grappling with mounting debt have a range of options at their disposal, both formal and informal, to help manage their financial obligations. Experienced debt advisors can provide valuable insights and recommendations, guiding individuals toward the most suitable solutions to alleviate their debt burdens and achieve a more stable financial outlook.


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