November 29, 2023 8:30 am

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Nikka Sulton

Housr, a startup specializing in student housing solutions, is marking the commencement of its second year by significantly expanding its platform. With the anticipation of the new academic year starting in September 2024, the Manchester-based PropTech firm has successfully incorporated a substantial 45,000 properties into its portfolio.

This strategic move aims to streamline the often intricate process of finding suitable student accommodation. Housr’s platform now boasts an extensive collection of properties across prominent locations such as Manchester and Birmingham. What makes this expansion noteworthy is the collaboration with 30 different letting agents, further diversifying the range of options available.

For students gearing up for the upcoming academic year, this initiative not only enhances the variety of housing choices but also introduces a level of convenience to the rental process. Similarly, landlords stand to benefit from the increased visibility and accessibility provided by Housr’s platform, potentially expediting the rental of their properties.

As the PropTech sector continues to evolve, Housr’s approach reflects a commitment to addressing the unique challenges of student accommodation. By aggregating a substantial number of properties from various letting agents, Housr is positioning itself as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution in the dynamic landscape of student housing.

Housr asserts that it facilitates 360 student connections per agent daily through its platform.

Over the last fortnight, the platform recorded 40,000 interactions, marking a 35% uptick in app downloads. It is projected to hit 30,000 users by January 2024.

The iOS-compatible smartphone app, boasting Tinder-style functionality, garners 1,000 student likes daily, averaging 12 likes per student per session. Housr has fostered a devoted student community enjoying perks such as rent discounts, a year’s supply of free pizza, and drink offers.

The student living platform consolidates rental properties, household utilities, and lifestyle benefits in one app. This integration enables students to discover a home, find flatmates, simplify rental-related admin, and earn cashback on their rent. By engaging in surveys and sharing lifestyle data, Housr supports financially strapped students.

Housr is currently operational in two UK cities, Manchester and Birmingham, with expansion plans targeting six cities next year. The start-up, presently employing 28 individuals, is actively recruiting for roles in operations and marketing. The tech company is in the final stages of its upcoming funding round, with 25% of the round already secured.

Harry Panter, co-founder of Housr, comments, “The second year has begun with strong momentum, consistently setting and surpassing new monthly records. The platform is rich with new properties for UK students. We’ve devised a commercial model that poses zero financial risk for agents – we compensate them for renting their homes. Progress towards realizing our vision of simplifying student rental is well underway, and this model has the potential for broader adoption within the sector to address affordability and availability challenges.”

Renting a home should be as straightforward as ordering an Uber, and that’s precisely the approach we’re taking with our technology. In the evolving landscape of student living, we’ve set a clear growth strategy, aiming to extend our services to students in six cities next year. Our commitment to simplicity and efficiency has already materialized in concrete steps, including the recent acquisition of a student community in a major northern UK city.

As we enter the second year of our operations, the platform is witnessing significant milestones and setting new records each month. The infusion of 45,000 properties into our platform, strategically placed across Manchester and Birmingham, underscores our dedication to streamlining the student rental process. With offerings from 30 different letting agents, our platform not only facilitates an easy rental process for tenants but also provides a convenient solution for landlords.

On the financial front, having raised £1.2 million to date, we are gearing up for the next phase of our growth. With a waiting list now open, we invite investors keen on learning more about our upcoming £5 million growth funding round. This financial backing will propel our mission to make student rental not only simplified but also adaptable to the broader sector, addressing issues of affordability and availability.


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