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To secure a buy-to-let mortgage, a minimum income of £25,000 is often required by most lenders. Yet, specialized lenders may offer such mortgages without imposing a minimum income criterion. Some lenders exclusively work with intermediaries, necessitating indirect access for buy-to-let investors.


Rental income

Most lenders stipulate a rental income between 125% and 145% of the mortgage repayments. Your position in this bracket is often determined by your tax rate—either basic or higher.


Calculation Example: Consider a monthly mortgage repayment of £800.

To meet the criteria:

     – £800 + 25% = £1,000

     – £800 + 45% = £1,160


How can I get a buy-to-let with no minimum income?

Acquiring a buy-to-let mortgage without a minimum income poses challenges, but a select few lenders entertain this possibility for applicants meeting their stringent criteria. The key lies in demonstrating sustainable personal finances, where individuals can maintain existing commitments, such as mortgage payments, and still have disposable income for daily living. This flexibility extends beyond traditional employment, encompassing various income sources like pensions or disability payments.

In the landscape of buy-to-let mortgages, securing one without a minimum income becomes a nuanced process, as specific lenders extend this option based on stringent eligibility criteria. Typically, approval hinges on applicants proving their financial sustainability—ability to cover existing commitments and enjoy a reasonable lifestyle. This criterion transcends conventional employment, acknowledging diverse income streams such as pensions or disability payments.

The dynamics of obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage with no minimum income highlight the importance of showcasing financial sustainability. Lenders, while selective, may consider applicants who can demonstrate the ability to meet ongoing obligations, like mortgage payments, and still have surplus income for daily living. This inclusivity accommodates various income sources, emphasizing that employment status alone doesn’t dictate eligibility; individuals relying on pensions, disability payments, or alternative income streams may also qualify.


What is a buy to let mortgage with no minimum income?

A buy-to-let mortgage without a minimum income requirement eliminates a set threshold, making income evaluation more flexible. Specialist lenders may even entertain buy-to-let mortgage applications with no income, contingent upon the applicant being a current homeowner and presenting a viable business case justifying the circumstance.


Key Takeaways

Locating these mortgages independently can be challenging due to their specific nature. We strongly advise engaging a specialist mortgage adviser to align your income requirements with the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances. It’s crucial to note that being a landlord reliant solely on buy-to-let properties without additional income might restrict your choices. Nevertheless, our assistance can expand your options and facilitate securing a buy-to-let mortgage with no minimum income.


Other factors lenders consider:

  1. Property Value Requirement: Some lenders mandate a buy-to-let property to have a valuation exceeding £40,000.
  2. Property Type Impact: Non-standard construction may limit lender options for your property.
  1. Property Demand Variation: The desirability of your property type can influence its rentability.
  2. Age Criteria: While the minimum mortgage age is 18, some lenders prefer applicants to be 21 or 25. Maximum age limits may range from 75 to 85 with variations among lenders.
  3. Credit History and Debt Considerations: If dealing with significant debt or poor credit, consulting a buy-to-let mortgage broker is advised. They can guide you to specialist lenders suitable for your situation.


How we can help

Whether you’re expanding your rental property portfolio or diving into your first buy-to-let venture, we match you with an ideal mortgage, regardless of income. Our expertise, access to leading providers, and industry insights guide you in securing the optimal buy-to-let mortgage for maximum returns on your investment. As dedicated buy-to-let mortgage brokers, we specialize in providing advice and information to investors, helping navigate the evolving landscape of property investment and identify the best mortgage products for your unique circumstances.



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